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Guide to change e-mail & password

A guide to change your League of Legends password and verify the account to your e-mail in 3 simple steps. (more…)

Secure your LoL Account

Were you ever thought about losing your League of Legends account ? You may have spent thousands RP to get your favorite skins, would you risk to losing them all ? Of course not. Let’s see how you can maximize the security of your League of Legends Account (more…)

Top 10 Rarest LoL Skins

It is been a long time since League of Legends released. Every patch 2 to 5 new skins come out, and their majority is available for purchase on in-game shop, or at least becomes available once per year. However some of them came out for a specific event or milestone and only for a limited time. (more…)

Level up to 30 – Fast way

You are thinking of making a new account to have it as your smurf ? Probably yes, but there is something holding you back from starting playing ranked games. (more…)