Guide to change e-mail & password

A guide to change your League of Legends password and verify the account to your e-mail in 3 simple steps.

First of all, you need to know your server and click on its link so you will be forwarded to your local server “Account Settings” panel.



#1 – Log in with your account

After you clicked the link for your server, you should see the Riot Games login screen …

After you succesfully logged into your account, you will be redirected to your “Accounts Settings”

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#2 – Change your password

The first step to secure your account is to change the password of your LoL account.
From the left menu, click at the “CHANGE PASSWORD” link.
You will see that screen below

On the first input box, fill out the current (OLD) password the account.
On the second and third input boxes, you should fill your NEW password.

Click “Submit” and you have succesfully changed your LoL accounts password!


#3 – Change/Verify your E-mail

In order to maximize the security of your account, you should verify the League Account on your personal e-mail.
To verify the account to your email click on “CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS” from the left menu.


Again, on the first 2 boxes you should fill your NEW email address, and on the third one your password (if you changed it on the previous step, you should use your new password).


After filling the input boxes, click the “Submit” button and if you filled out the form succesfully you will face the e-mail verification passcode


Now, you must login to your email account and go to your inbox. You will find a new e-mail from Riot Games. Open the e-mail and you will see a 6-digit passcode (with red letters).
Write the digits on the passcode form (previous image), and click again the “Submit”.

You have succesfully verified the League of Legends Account to your email!
You can double check that if you click on “Account Protection” and you will get the “Verified Email” message.





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