Level up to 30 – Fast way

You are thinking of making a new account to have it as your smurf ? Probably yes, but there is something holding you back from starting playing ranked games.

You have to level the account to 30. You can do it, but how easily ? How long does it take ? Which mode you should play ? and a lot more questions, so let’s take a closer look at them:

  1.  Do I need to be level 30 ?
  2.  How long does it take to reach level 30 ?
  3.  What is the fastest way to level 30 ?
  4.  Can I cut some time ?
  5.  Is it cheaper & quicker to buy a Level 30 smurf LoL account ?
  6.  Can I skip all the boring parts and start playing ranked ?


1. Do I need to be level 30 ?

In order to start playing Ranked games and climbing the Ranked ladder you have to be Level 30 (the maximum level in League of Legends). Which is the reason that LoL gamers creating new smurf accounts.

Additionally, after leveling up to 30, you have to buy at least 16 champions and fill 2 runepages to compete in Ranked games, but you will only have around 11,000-12,000 IP.
To fill the 2 basic runepages it will cost you around 9,000 IP, and that leads you to have 3,000 IP to buy 16 champions, but that is not possible. So you need to play more time to earn IP in order to buy champions.




2. How long does it take to reach 30 level ?

To reach 30 level in League of Legends, you have to earn 21,389 XP points. There is no standard answer to how long it will take, there is a lot of factors for that like:

  • Number of games per day (wins give a lot more XP points than losses)
  • Playing normals or bot games (bot games gives XP points depending on your level)
  • Using XP boosts (bought with RP)

In average you win 50% of your normal games, and each game gives you ~70 XP points, so you will need around 170 hours of continuous gameplay before you reach 30 Level (and that is only pure gameplay, not queue times and champion select).




3. What is the fastest way to level 30 ?

There is 2 common ways of leveling up a smurf account. The “play normal games” and the “play bot games”, but from our years of experience in leveling League of Legends smurf accounts the best way is somewhere between those two. We will break the leveling process at three parts (1 to 9, 10 to 19, and 20 to 30 Level) to gain the maximum XP points to level up a smurf.

  • 1 to 9 Level
    • Co-op VS A.I. (Begginer bots) which gives 100% XP
  • 10 to 19 Level
    • Co-op VS A.I. (intermediate bots) which gives 100% XP (begginer gives only 85%)
  • 20 to 30 Level
    • ARAM or normal games which lasts the fewest minutes is possible, and the first game of the day always against intermediate bots for getting the juicy 150IP (Begginer Bots gives 70% efficiency and 90% for intermediate bots)
  • IP for 30+ Level ?
    • After reaching 30 level, to maximize IP gain is to play the first game of the day with Begginer Bots (so you can 100% have First Win Of The Day bonus as soon as possible), and then play whatever you wanna play.


That way leads us to a total of 150 hours (or 7 days) of continuous gameplay (20 hours less than the “traditional” way), because you will probably have somewhere close to 100% win rate (at least for the first 20 levels), but is gonna be a bit boring playing against bots.


4. Can I cut some time ?

Of course, that would be great. On the store there are available XP boosts which boosts your XP points per game. You can also stack the “Time XP Boosts” and “Wins XP Boosts”, and receive both bonuses as long as they are both active.
Even though you still have to play as many games as you can before the “Time XP Boost” expires, that means that the around 100 hours of continuous gameplay or 4+ continuous days.



What is the total cost to reach 30 level as soon as possible ?

Summing up the previous information, in order to reach 30 Level as fast as possible, you have to:

  1. Invest at least 100 hours (or more than 4 days) of continuous gameplay without breaks
  2. Invest $30 worth of RP ($10 on “Time XP Boosts” and $20 “Win XP Boosts”)



Wow! That’s a lot! Is there any quicker & cheaper way ?

Thankfully for you, there is. You can buy League of Legends smurf accounts from TopSmurfs.com, which is $20 cheaper (smurfs starting from $9,99) than the investment on RP. Additionally, it is a lot quicker too! Instead of playing 100+ hours, you will be able to play ranked immediately, since you will receive your account instantly!


If you buy your LoL smurf account instead of levelling, you will save at least:

  • 100+ hours of your time (and you can invest them to climb the ladder instead of levelling)
  • $20 (the XP boosts will cost you $30, but our accounts costs only $9,99)


So, by now you will have your answer about the Fastest & Cheapest way to level a League of Legends account to Level 30 which is to buy a LoL smurf account.

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