Top 10 Rarest LoL Skins

It is been a long time since League of Legends released. Every patch 2 to 5 new skins come out, and their majority is available for purchase on in-game shop, or at least becomes available once per year. However some of them came out for a specific event or milestone and only for a limited time.

Some of them were purchasable through codes on the market, but some years ago Riot Games deactivate all skin codes, so the rarity the limited time skins went high, and now is impossible to obtain any skin on your account. Let’s see our top 10 rarest League of Legends skins:


#10 – UFO Corki

Corki Ufo

The concept of the skin is Corki on a UFO Spaceship. UFO Corki released as a promotional skin and it was awarded to all players who signed up before 14-Jan-2010 and played at least one game. There is no different animations or sound effects than the original Corki’s skin, but was makes it rare is that it only owned by players who were gifted back in 2010. There were millions accounts active at that time, yet it is extremely rare to find a UFO Corki on your game.


Last time available: 14th January 2010


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#9 Grey Warwick – Medieval Twitch

Grey Warwick - Medieval Twitch

Those two skins were never available through in-game shop. They were available to community only through “Communities Milestones”. First they were obtainable from the “Refer a Friend” program, that Riot gave you a link so you can invite your friends. To obtain Grey Warwick you had to recruit 25 friends that were level 10, and to obtain the Medieval Twitch you had to recruit 50 friends that were level 10. Now they are obtainable through the new “Honor System”, but is it still extremely difficult to get them.

Last time available: AVAILABLE through Honor System




#8 PAX Sivir – PAX Jax

PAX Jax - Pax SivirPAX Jax was released on PAX Prime 2010, and was available through skins Codes until 2014 (when Riot disabled all the skin codes).
PAX Sivir was released one year later after PAX Jax, on PAX Prime 2011, and as the PAX Jax skin, it was available on the market until 2014.
Neither skin was ever sold in the in-game shop.


Last time available: Officially in 2010-2011 (at each PAX Prime event), but unofficially were available until 2014


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#7 King Rammus

King Rammus

King Rammus is one of the most rare skin in the game. It was a gift from Riot Games to everyone that played at least one game of League of Legends back in 2009 when game was on closed beta. As we can see, King Rammus is a kind of chroma, as it has the same particles as the original skin, but only a few different colors. Game was not popular back then, so the owners of that skin are a few hundreds.


Last time available: 21st October 2009


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#6 Championship Riven

Championship Riven

Championship Riven is a legendary skin that was released to celebrate the 2012 World Championship. It was available on the in-game shop from the 14th to 22nd October for just 975RP, and then was removed. There was some events that Championship Riven was obtainable (2015 World’s Pick’em), but it was extremely unlike. Championship Riven came back during 2016 World Championship for 975RP, but only the players that already owned it, got a special crown, particle update, with glower colors and a special loading screen border.


Last time available: Legacy skin at 22nd October 2012, and the “2016” skin 31st October 2016




#5 Urf the Manatee Warwick

Urf Warwick

Warwick’s Urf the Manatee skin was released April 1st of 2010 and it was first priced at the insane amount of 5000RP. Then Riot put the skin on 99% sale (50RP) and then change it once again to 500RP and finally returned the price to 5000RP on its last day available before becoming legacy. Riot Games donated all the money to a foundation to protect the hunted manatees to memorialize a tragic manatee murder.


Last time available: 14th April 2010




#4 PAX Twisted Fate

PAX Twisted Fate

PAX Twisted Fate made his first appearance in PAX Prime. The game had just released, and of what few players existed, even fewer found themselves at PAX Prime. The black and blue TF, originally a recolor, is one of the most sought after and rare skins out there on Summoner’s Rift.


Last time available: 4th September 2009




#3 Young Ryze

Young Ryze

Human Ryze was included in the pre-order Retail Collector’s Edition of League of Legends and it was only available through that. After the last Ryze’s rework, the skin renamed as “Young Ryze”. It ultra rare to see that skin in-game.


Last time available: 18th July 2009




#2 Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle

As Young Ryze, Silver Kayle came with a retail copy of the League of Legends Collector’s Pack. It is estimated that only a few thousands owns the Silver Kayle skin as you had to purchase a physical copy from a local store in order to redeem it to your account.


Last time available: 13th November 2009


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#1 Black Alistar


Black Alistar was a bonus included for pre-ordering the League of Legends Digital Collector’s Pack. He’s exceptionally rare because so few people in this world had enough faith to pre-order a Collector’s Edition of a free to play MOBA back in 2009. From pre-order statistics it’s estimated that around 65,000 people (all servers) received this skin back in 2009. Now, with Black Alistar being the rarest League of Legends skin look who’s laughing.


Last time available: 14th June 2009