Secure your LoL Account

Were you ever thought about losing your League of Legends account ? You may have spent thousands RP to get your favorite skins, would you risk to losing them all ? Of course not. Let’s see how you can maximize the security of your League of Legends Account


#1 – Verify your e-mail

Verifying your e-mail is an easy but a critical step. If you verify your LoL account to your e-mail, you have done the half way to successfully secure your account. All you have to do to is to visit the following link (Click Here), log in with your account, and click the verify button. After that you will receive an e-mail with a link to complete the verification.
After clicking on that link, you will have successfully verified your e-mail to your LoL account and will get 4 win IP boost!


#2 – Choose a strong password

Changing the password is the second step of securing your League account! Choose a strong password, with at least 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character (eg. s3cureP@ss!).
NEVER use as password something related to your username, or it will be easy to get your precious account hacked!


#3 – Do NOT share your account

Account sharing is one of the most common ways to lose your account! Also it is prohibited by Riot Games Terms of Service. Do not even share it with your friends & family. Also you have to be careful about ELO Boosters, “Free RP” offers etc.


#4 – Phishing links

Every time you have to login to your League of Legends account, you have to double check the address bar and see if the website you are on have a green padlock and the website address is ““. Be careful while checking it, because scammers may use something similar to “” (eg. “”).
If you ever feel suspicious about the link you visit, change your password as soon as possible!


#5 – Keep your system updated

The final step of securing your account is something easy but a little time-consuming, this is to have updated your Operating System and your antivirus program. Most of the updates of your OS are security updates, and by having them installed you close the door to potential hackers getting control of your computer which then extends to your League of Legends Account.



# – I am thinking to buy a League of Legends smurf account, how will I be sure that it will be secured ?

By purchasing a League of Legends smurf account from, we ensure you that you will receive an account with unverified email, so you can change both e-mail and password of your new account the very next moment after the instant delivery, so that the account will remain forever yours!

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